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Ken and Mary Ellen has been working over 20 years with a direct sales company, called USANA Health Sciences.


image.pillsUSANA  manufactures and sells the best nutritional supplements in the world, as documented in a widely sold publication.  A scientist, commissioned by the Canadian Parliament, appointed twelve independent nutritional scientists and doctors from around the world who then set standards by which the flagship products from over 1500 nutritional companies were researched and compared.  USANA was awarded the highest designation amongst these 1500+ companies, and has held this esteemed position for the past 10 years.   The results of this study, and the manner by which it was conducted, are detailed in the book entitled Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements by Lyle MacWilliam.

USANA also sells an amazing line of Personal Care products.  After years of research and study, the USANA scientists invented and patented a self-preserving technology, enabling them to manufacture these personal and skin care products without having to include harmful preservatives.  This advanced skin care utilizing vitamins and other nutrients into its products is referred to in the industry as “Nutriceuticals”.  Many large companies around the world are striving to bring this technology into their skin care products, but have not as yet been able to produce products competitive to Sensé, USANA’s Personal Care line.

The third tier of USANA products is their low-glycemic meal replacement products and revolutionary energy drink.  These products are also without a doubt the best in the industry.

During the short 19 years since USANA’s inception, they have expanded into 15countries, and recently announced expansion to 3 more countries in 2012.    USANA is traded on the NYSE, and has enjoyed sustained growth throughout all of their markets for the past several years.  Meken Equity Management, Inc. is training and working with teams of associates in both the United States and Mexico. We invite you to “Join Our Team” and take advantage of what USANA has to offer… good health and time freedom!  Check out our USANA website,

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