About Mary Ellen Vidar

Mary Ellen and Ken have been married over 30 years and actually met in California at a real estate marketing meeting.  Mary Ellen has been involved in the real estate industry for over 40 years and first worked in real estate and property management in Dallas, Texas.  After moving to California, she became a successful Real Estate Broker and continued her business there for 20 years.  In 1994, Mary Ellen and Ken moved to Montana to develop Gallatin River Ranch, a 6,000-acre Land Development.  She managed the Sales Office at GRR for over 10 years, overseeing the sales team, and heading up a very successful local and national marketing campaign.  She also went out in the field, backing up her sales team, working with buyers when she was needed.

Today Mary Ellen plays an active role in MEM in several of its business centers.

She coordinates Ken’s real estate courses and seminars, working with individual state real estate agencies applying for and receiving the confirmation of having his courses approved for “Continuing Education” in that state.  When the courses are given, she is responsible for monitoring same, registering students, and assuring they are in attendance per requirements of the states.

Mary Ellen oversees MEM Management Company, currently managing Shared Ownerships.  She collects monthly dues, meets semi-annually with each on-site property manager, and attends HO Meetings as a representative of the shared-property. She keeps the calendar and books, and interfaces with each of the owners.   Since Owners are allowed to rent their assigned weeks if desired, Mary Ellen is responsible for collecting deposits and handling all correspondence between any renters and on-site property managers, and of course the Shared Owner who is renting his week or weeks.

The third business center, in which Mary Ellen thrives, is the multi-level marketing, USANA Health Sciences.  She coordinates and helps train our team, meets with new prospects, enrolling them into the business, sponsors and implements gatherings and/or meetings to introduce and teach prospects about the USANA products.  But the heart of the work here is done online and on the phone in “the follow-up”.  Keeping communication open with customers, downline, and prospects insures continued volume and income for the company.